Second year memorial service for the late Meles held today (Aug 20, 2014)
Addis Ababa, 20 August 2014 (WIC)- The second year memorial service for the late Meles Zenawi is being marked with various events taking place across the country. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, along with several other high ranking government officials took part in a tree planting ceremony held on Wednesday at the Meles Zenawi Foundation Park at Entoto. more
Gov't Pledges to Uphold Vision of Meles in Creating Green Economy (Aug 20, 2014)
Addis Ababa August 20/2014 The government is working with determination to attain the vision of the former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to make the Ethiopian economy green, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desselagn said. Tree seedlings were planted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at Gulele Botanic Centre in commemoration of the second anniversary of the death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desselagn said the general public and the government have been working day and night to realize the legacy of Meles. more
Memorial ceremony on the second anniversary of the death of Prime Minister Meles (Aug 20, 2014)
A memorial ceremony on the occasion of the second anniversary of the death of the late Prime Minister Meles was held at the MelesZenawi Public Park in the Gulele area of Addis Ababa on Wednesday (August 20).  more
U.S. admires Ethiopia’s increasing commercial competency (Aug 20, 2014)
Addis Ababa, 20 August 2014 (WIC)- The U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia Patricia Haslach said her country admired the increasing commercial competency of Ethiopia. In an exclusive interview with ENA, the Ambassador said that U.S. companies are inspired to invest in the country and be part of the fastest economy. more
Ministry targeting building strong diplomatic army (Aug 20, 2014)
Addis Ababa August 20/2014 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it has set target to build strong diplomatic army to promote the country around the world the current budget year. Closing the meeting discussed last year's performance report, the Minister, Dr. TedrosAdhanom said building strong diplomatic army is key to promote the country and strengthen relation with other countries. Strengthening the participation of Ethiopian Diasporas in trade and investment is another area to be considered during this year. more
Achievements boost Ethiopia’s trustworthiness at UN: Ambassador (Aug 20, 2014)
Addis Ababa  August 20/2014 The political and economic achievements of Ethiopia are boosting the country's trustworthiness at the United Nations, Ethiopia's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. TekedaAlemu said. more
Visit of President, PM to USA fruitful: GCAO (Aug 18, 2014)

Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) has announced that the recent visit of President Mulatu Teshome and Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn to the United States were successful. GCAO Minister Redwan Hussein said in a press briefing on Monday that the Ethio-US investment forums held in Houston and Los Angles in the presence of President MulatuTeshome have aroused the interest of big US corporate in doing business in Ethiopia. more

Chairperson Lays Foundation for Meles Green (Aug 18, 2014)
The green development campaign that has been undertaken to attain the vision of the former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is encouraging, according to Azeb Mesfin. Meles Foundation Board Chairperson Azeb Mesfin laid on August 18, 2014 a cornerstone for “Meles Green Center” which will be built by Gulele Sub-city in collaboration with Ethiopian Development Bank. more
UN Security Council makes historic visit to Somalia (Aug 18, 2014)
Addis Ababa: August 18, 2014 (FBC) - Members of the United Nations Security Council visited Mogadishu to review progress made by the Federal Government with assistance from the international community, and to demonstrate their continued support for the country’s efforts to ensure a sustainable peace. more
Ambassadors play a pivotal role in promoting Ethiopia’s tourism attractions (Aug 16, 2014)
Addis Ababa: August 16, 2014 (FBC) – In a meeting between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and several Ethiopian ambassadors, the Ministry stated Ethiopian ambassadors should play a key role in promoting the nation’s culture and good image. more
Over 18bln birr investment projects go operational (Aug 16, 2014)
Addis Ababa, 16 August 2014 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Investment Commission said that some 226 investment projects with over 18.459 billion Birr aggregate capitals have gone operational last Ethiopian fiscal year. more
Dr.Tedros attended a special IGAD Council of Ministers meeting in Nairobi (Aug 15, 2014)
Addis Ababa: August 15, 2014 (FBC) - An Extraordinary IGAD Council of Ministers meeting, chaired by Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr.TedrosAdhanom, was held in Nairobi on Wednesday. The meeting was briefed by Ambassador SeyoumMesfin, Chair of the IGAD Special Envoys, on the progress of the IGAD-mediated South Sudan peace talks. The Ministers discussed the problem leading the talks to stall over the last two months. more
GERD 35.8 percent complete (Aug 15, 2014)
Addis Ababa, 15 August 2014 (WIC) – Some 35.8 percent of total work on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been completed, says the National Council for Coordination of Public Participation for Construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). more
Ethiopia among Africa’s top 10 future investment cities (Aug 15, 2014)
Addis Ababa, 15 August 2014 (WIC) - Economists say the new investment opportunity hotspots in Africa are cities in Ethiopia, Sudan, Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire. If you’re looking to do business in Africa, but you’re unsure of which emerging market to tap into, then Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and Senegal are among your best bets. more
PM Hailemariam calls for joint efforts to promote good governance (Aug 14, 2014)
Addis Ababa, 14 August 2014 (WIC) - Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has called on government officials and leaderships at to work closely with the public to promote good governance. The call was made at the second National Good Governance Movement Forum held today in Addis Ababa in the presence of ministers, state chiefs, university presidents and public representatives. more
Business discussions between DOW and Ethiopian stakeholders (Aug 14, 2014)
A business networking and awareness creation session between the US Chemical Company, DOW and various stakeholders from Addis Ababa was held on Wednesday (August 12) at the Radisson Blue Hotel.  Among those attending were officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Investment Commission as well as representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Association, the Agricultural Investment Land Administration Agency and the US Company, DOW. more
US calls for immediate action on South Sudan (Aug 13, 2014)
The United States on Monday (August 11) strongly criticized both the South Sudan Government and the SPLM/A-in-Opposition for failing to form a transitional government by Sunday's deadline. He called it an "outrage and an insult to their citizens." U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, following the failure to meet the August 10 deadline said "Neither party engaged in peace talks seriously," adding firmly "We condemn these failures." more
Addis Ababa Light Rail Project is 73% complete (Aug 12, 2014)
Addis Ababa: August 12, 2014 (FBC) – Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) announced the Addis Ababa Light Rial Project is progressing on schedule. Head of communications and public relations at the corporation, DerejeTefera, said when fully operational, there will be 39 boarding stations which will be either underground, semi-underground, on the surface or on overpasses. The remaining 27% of the project will be finalized on schedule and services will commence for the public in January 2015.  more
Dr. Tedros opens the second round of the Ambassadors and Consuls-General meeting (Aug 12, 2014)
The Minster of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, on Tuesday (August 12) opened the second round of Ambassadors, Consuls-General and Directors-General meeting in Addis Ababa. Dr Tedros briefed participants on three major issues, the recent Ethio-US Investment Fora in the UN, the US-Africa Summit and the 2006 performance of the Ministry. Concerning the Ethio-US investment Fora, Dr. Tedros said that he had witnessed rising interest to invest in Ethiopia with 380 representatives of US companies at Houston and another 320 at Los Angeles.  more
U.S. companies can benefit by investing in Ethiopia (Aug 12, 2014)
U.S. companies can benefit from the investment opportunities and incentives in Ethiopia and be able to enter the vast African market if they invest in the country, Foreign Affairs State Minister Dewano Kedir said. more
Dow desirous to invest in ‘teff’ production (Aug 12, 2014)
Dow, a U.S. based chemical company, expressed desire to invest in Ethiopia in the agriculture sector, particularly on production of teff, an Ethiopian staple food which is becoming popular in Europe and the U.S. After discussing with President Mulatu Teshome on Tuesday, Dow Sub-Saharan Africa President, Ross McLean told reporters that his organization is interested to invest in Ethiopia in the agriculture sector mainly on teff production. more
Premier dubbed Ethiopia’s US-Africa Summit participation successful (Aug 11, 2014)
Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said that Ethiopia’s participation in the US Africa leaders’ summit has been successful and fruitful. According to Hailemariam, Ethiopia’s best experiences in ensuring food security, agricultural productivity and peace & security have been shared with participants at the gathering. The country was given first chance to speak at the summit as a result of its achievements, he noted. more
Ethiopian Airlines plans to expand flights to U.S. (Aug 07, 2014)
Addis Ababa, 7 August 2014 (WIC)  - Ethiopian Airlines added a ninth Dreamliner to its fleet Tuesday and plans to expand its U.S. presence with service to Los Angeles by June 2015 "if everything goes as expected," CEO Tewolde Gebremariam told USA TODAY on Wednesday. more
Symposium for African Spouses held in Washington (Aug 07, 2014)
A day-long symposium “Investing in Our Future” held in Washington on Wednesday (August 6) brought together First Lady Michelle Obama, former first lady Mrs. Laura Bush, African first spouses from nearly 30 countries, leaders from non-governmental and non-profit organizations, private sector partners, and other leading experts. more
President Obama Announces US$33 billion in commitments for Africa (Aug 06, 2014)
President Barack Obama, seeking to strengthen America's links with Africa, announced on Tuesday (August 5) some US$33 billion in commitments, aimed at shifting U.S. ties with Africa beyond humanitarian aid and toward more equal economic partnerships. more
Prime Minister Hailemariam meets US Secretary of State John Kerry (Aug 06, 2014)
Prime Minister Hailemariam met with US Secretary of State John Kerry on the sidelines of the US Africa Leaders Summit, on Tuesday (August 5). Secretary Kerry welcomed the Prime Minister whom, he said, had been “enormously engaged with us on many different issues” and as a regional leader. more
US Secretary of State meets IGAD leaders to discuss South Sudan (Aug 06, 2014)
US Secretary of State John Kerry met with IGAD leaders, the Presidents of Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda and Prime Minister Hailemariam of Ethiopia on Tuesday (August 5) to discuss the situation in South Sudan. more
Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros, co-chairs a Forum in Health in Washington (Aug 05, 2014)
Foreign Minister, Dr Tedros Adhanom, told a Forum on Health in Washington that the key to achieving an Aids-free generation in Africa was strong commitment of African leaders to this aim. Dr. Tedros was moderating the Health signature event organized by the US Government during the US-Africa Summit. more
The US-Africa Leaders Summit opens in Washington (Aug 05, 2014)
 President Obama is hosting a US-Africa Summit of more than 40 African leaders in Washington this week (August 4-6). more
Ethiopia becomes a growing hub for FDI in East Africa: UN Report (Jun 25, 2014)
The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) World Investment Report 2014 said (June 24) Ethiopia had increasingly become a growing recipient of foreign capital flows and the most attractive destination of investors in the region in the 2013. .more
Ethio-American Doctors Group to establish Medical City Center (Jun 26, 2014)
A launching ceremony of the construction of a 100 million USD worth medical facility will take place in Addis Ababa on Saturday, June 28, 2014.The initiator and owner of the project, the Ethio-American Doctors Group (EADG), said the centre will have a hospital, long-term care and other health related facilities, including hotel and meeting centre, office buildings and relevant retail (pharmacy, health gym and physical therapy) facilities. .more
Norway supports Ethiopia’s green economy development (Jun 26, 2014)
The Government of Norway made a 60 million dollar financial support to Ethiopia’s efforts of building green economy. The support will be used to forest development projects aimed at reducing carbon emission..more
India, US, Ethiopia Join Hands to Tackle Maternal Deaths (Jun 25, 2014)
An international meeting in Washington, co-hosted by India, US and Ethiopia in collaboration with UNICEF and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, entitled the 'Acting on the Call: Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths' will be held on June 26, and is expected to unveil new efforts to save an unprecedented number of women and children by 2020 in 24 priority countries.  .more
Hailemariam says increasing suicide bombing marks end of terrorism
Addis Ababa, 26 June 2014 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn‎ said on Wednesday that the alarming rate of suicide bombing was a desperate response by terrorist group against an unpleasant reality that they were facing extinction...more

23ኛው አመት የግንቦት 20 በዓል በዋሽንግተን ዲሲ ኤምባሲ ኢትዮጵያዊናንና ትውልደ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ባሉበት በድምቀት ተከበረ

Addis-Adama expressway to be inaugurated on Monday
Addis Ababa, 3 May 2014 (WIC) - The Addis Ababa-Adama expressway built with over 10.3 billion birr would be inaugurated on Monday..more
Press Briefing Session of Prime Minister Hailemariam and Premier Li Keqiang (May 05, 2014)
Prime Minister Hailemariam Premier Li Keqiang and gave a press briefing following the bilateral discussion to local and foreign journalists. On the occasion, Prime Minister Hailemariam noted that China-Africa relation is growing from time to time economically, politically and diplomatically.  .more
Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Ethiopia (May 05, 2014)
Prime Minister Li Keying’s of the People’s Republic of China arrived Addis Ababa yesterday starting his tour to Africa. A warm welcome was accorded to Prime Minister Li Keqiang and his delegation by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn , Ministers and other high ranking officials . .more
Ethiopia,China signed more than a dozen Agreements (May 05, 2014)
China’s Prime Minister Li Qiyenag and Prime Minister Hailemariam witnessed a signing of sixteen agreements by respective heads of ministries of the two governments and business leaders. .more
Dr Tedros holds talk with Finnish International Development Minister (May 02, 2014)
Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom held discussions with the Minister of International Development of Finland, Pekka Haavisto on Friday (May 2). The discussions covered regional matters, emphasizing on the current situation in South Sudan..more
AGOA Ambassadors' Working Group Testifies before the United States International Trade Commission
/ News Release by the Embassy of Ethiopia, Washington D.C. January 15, 2014 /
Ambassador Girma Birru, Special Envoy and Ambassador Extra-ordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia to the US, who is currently the co-chair of the AGOA Ambassadors' Working Group in Washington DC, testified yesterday on issues relating to the reauthorization of African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and shared his perspective before the United States International Trade Commission which is conducting various investigations on the topic. .more
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