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» Ethiopia’s WTO accession process depends on country's national interest: USAID
» Meles Holds Talks with US Delegation (February 25, 2011)
» Ambassador Girma Birru Presents His Credential To President Barack Obama!!!
» Meles Holds Talks with US Delegation (February 25, 2011)
» IDA Commits US$420 Million in Additional Financing to Enhance Local Basic Services in Ethiopia
» Social Protection Program in Ethiopia Helps Citizens Monitor Services and Budgets
» PM Meles calls on Diaspora Ethiopian to strengthen dev't efforts
» Ethiopia to host second India-Africa summit
» Deputy PM Hailemariam holds talks with German parliamentary delegation (February 17, 2011)
» Ambassador Teshome presents his credential to UNESCO Director General (February 17, 2011)
» Mines Investment Planned to Increase to 20 Billion Birr After Five Years: Sinknesh
» Ethio-German dev’t cooperation will further be strengthened : Ambassador
» France invited Ethiopia to G20 Summit
» Ambassador Girma Birru Holds a Round-table Discussion with US Investors!!
» Remarks made by the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia H. E. Ato Hailermariam Dessalegn, at the occasion of the dedication ceremony of the new U.S. Embassy Building in Addis Ababa on 31 January 2011
» Press Statement on the Preliminary Referendum Results in South Sudan Feb 03 2011
» Ethiopia to host AU’s golden jubilee
» Ethiopian Somali State Delegation wraps up tour of the US!!
» Meles Holds Talks with French President
» Hailemariam holds talk with FMs of various countries
» Meles holds talks with UK DFID Minister
» Ban Ki-Moon addresses AU Summit
» France advocates for Africa to have permanent seat in UN: President Sarkozy
» Equatorial Guinea takes over AU Chairmanship from Malawi
» Ambassador Teshome presents credential to French President
» Press Release: Communiqué of the Conference of Somali State Diaspora in North America
» Ambassador Dr.Tekeda presents credential to UN Secretary General
» President Sarkozy to attend 16th AU Summit
» Ambassador Girma Birru Engages Community Leaders of the Ethiopian Diaspora in the Washington Metro Area !!
» Ambassador Girma Birru, Presents His Credentials to the State Department!!
» Ethiopia exerting maximum effort towards success of referendum in Sudan
» IMF pledges to assist Ethiopia’s GTP
» Gibe II resumed operation
» Nations and Nationalities Day Marked Colorfully in Washington D.C.
» 5th International Conference Concludes
» Delegates express contentment over 5th ICF
» Federal system of governance said vital for sustainable growth
» Ethiopia’s federal system bearing fruit: Forum
» Press Release : Ethiopia’s Tekeze Hydropower Project named Best Renewable/Sustainable Project of the Year
» Fulfill Copenhagen Commitments, says Meles
» Unroasted Organic Harar Coffee of Ethiopia Penetrates the US Market!!
» A Round Table Discussion on Technology and Food Security
» Hailemariam to visit India (November 29, 2010)
» PM Meles asks for brisker Korea-African cooperation
» IGAD ministerial Council deliberating on situations in Sudan, Somalia
» New Somaliland president arrives here
» Prime minister at AU
» Ministry gives priority to technology transfer
» Ministry gives priority to technology transfer
» Meles: Africa Suffers Most from Lakc of Progress in Clmate Change Negotiation
» Ethiopian P.M. hopes Seoul shares development experience
» Newly Appointed Ambassadors Urged to Work Hard to Make Ethiopia One of Middle Income Economies
» Agency launches new updated website
» BBC 'sorry' for claiming Geldof aid funded Ethiopian weapons
» Embassy urges Ethiopians to bolster investment activities
» Africa Re opens office in Ethiopia
» Meles says GTP aims at eliminating dependency
» Ethiopia to host 5th ICF (November 3, 2010)
» DAG Condemns HRW Report on Ethiopia
» Ethiopia: 2010 MDGs Report Trends and Prospects for Meeting MDGs by 2015
» PM Meles says Africa has no greater foe than poverty
» Britain vows to expand support to Ethiopia /Addis Ababa, October 29 (WIC)/
» Welcoming Remarks by H.E.Ato Hailemariam Desalegn Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
» Diaspora Ethiopians urged to engage in investment, knowledge transfer /Addis Ababa , October 29 (WIC)/
» PM Meles Gives appointment /Addis Ababa, October 29, 2010 (ENA) /
» NASA to help Ethiopia prevent climate change through weather forecast /Addis Ababa, October 29, 2010/
» White House Health Policy Advisor Visits Ethiopia /Addis Ababa, October 29, 2010/
» Meles appoints federal gov't officials /ENA/
» Government appoints special envoys, ambassadors /Walta/
» Hailemariam meets with diplomatic corps, international communities
» Seyoum exerts utmost efforts to enhance nation's foreign relations: Dr. Tekeda /ENA/
» Africa should promote global citizenship on climate change: Meles /ENA/
» Meles : Advisory Group on Climate Change agrees 100 bln USD annual support to developing countries /ENA/
» Ethiopia manages to establish successful diplomatic relations: Seyoum Mesfin

Meles Zenawi reelected as Prime Minister of Ethiopia

» Parliament unanimously endorsed newly appointed ministers

PM Meles calls on donors to finance GTP /Waltainfo/

» World Bank approves 150 mln USD funding to Ethiopia /WaltaInfo/
» President Girma Receives Credentials of Nine Countries (September 30, 2010) /MFA/
» Meles Holds Talks with Somali TFG President (September 30, 2010)/MFA/
» Ethiopians in New York Demonstrated in Support of the Government /ENA/
» Ethiopians abroad vow to bolster support to EPRDF /Waltainfo/
» Meles: No Doubt Ethiopia Can Attain Millennium Development Goals /ENA/
» PM Meles leaves for New York to attend UN General Assembly (September 21, 2010)

Ethiopia shows progress in macroeconomic stabilization: IMF (September 21, 2010)

» Ethiopia marks 3rd Nat’l Flag Day colorfully
» Meles Re-elected As Chairperson of EPRDF /ENA/
» Construction of Expressway Will Open New Chapter: Meles /ENA/
» Seyoum Holds Talks with Chinese Investors (September 16, 2010)
» Ethiopia Considered As the Leading African Country in Reducing Poverty /ENA/
» Ethiopia Considered As the Leading African Country in Reducing Poverty /ENA/
» Nat’l Growth, Transformation Plan will be achievable: President Girma /ENA/
» SoleRebels founder invited to speak at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative meeting /Walta Info/
» IMF hails Ethiopia's fast economic growth /Walta Info/


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