Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C hosted a colorful cultural and tourism promotion event in cooperation with on February 17/2023.H.E
H.E Ambassador Seleshi met and discuss with Ms. Vanessa Ibarra, Executive Director of International & Immigrant Affairs, Mayor's Office of
"We have fulfilled what we promised our people and today we have made Ethiopia's wheat export dream a reality. It
"Always good to meet my friend President Emmanuel Macron. Thank you for the warm welcome to Paris. As the relations
The Institute of Foreign Affairs and Wollo University co-organized a policy consultation forum that aimed to encourage Foreign Direct Investment
"My gratitude to the Prime Minister of Malta and his government for the warm welcome. Our two countries have a
"My appreciation to President Sergio Mattarella for receiving my delegation and I this morning. Ethiopian - Italian relations spanning over
(ኢ ፕ ድ)የፌዴራል መንግሥት እና የህወሓት የሰላም ስምምነት ኮሚቴ አባላት ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ዐቢይ አሕመድ በተገኙበት ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ በሐላላ ኬላ ተገናኝተዋል።ጠቅላይ
በኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋህዶ ቤተክርስቲያን ወቅታዊ ሁኔታ ጋር ተያይዞ በዋሽንግተን ዲሲ እና አካባቢው የሚኖሩ የእምነቱ ተከታዮች ዛሬ በኤምባሲያችን ተገኝተው ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ
Together with the Council of Ministers, we are evaluating performance of the past six months in the picturesque location of
The Government of Ethiopia recognized 52 Ethiopian diaspora associations from 25 countries that actively support their homeland in times of
H.E. Seleshi Bekele (Ph.D) Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the USA held talks