Africa-China Business Expo Opens in Addis Ababa (December 04, 2018)

Africa-China Business Expo, branded as “China –Ethiopia Industrial Capacity
Cooperation Exposition” opened (December 03) at the #Addis Ababa Exhibition
Center. The expo which was organized in line with the decisions passed during the
Forum on #China #Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) targets to elevate the all rounded
partnership between Africa and China to a higher level.
Noting that the expo is happening for the first time, organizers remarked that the
event will help to further elevate the constantly growing Ethio-China trade and
Investment Partnership. The expo will be open for the public until Wednesday
(December 05).
President of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, Melaku
Ezezew (Engineer), said the expo would serve as an important platform to attract
new investors and create joint ventures as well as facilitate technology transfers.
Chief of the Chinese Council for Promotion of International Trade, He Cailong said
the “China – #Ethiopia Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition” is a show case
of the key trade and economic partnership between the two sides, adding that the
current expo would help to strengthen the bilateral trade ties in a bid to advance
mutual benefits.
Several companies from both sides will be participating at the expo. 46 Chinese
Companies which have strong investment portfolio in areas of agriculture and food
processing, technology, hospitality industry, mining and automotive sectors are in
China –Ethiopia Industrial Capacity Cooperation Exposition will also include feature
Business to Business sessions as well as visits to industrial parks.

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