Amb. Borgstam Expresses EU’s Commitment to Advance Cooperation with Ethiopia (March 27, 2019)

State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Hirut Zemene met an EU delegation, headed by John Borgstam, EU Ambassador to Ethiopia, today.
The two sides discussed on aspects of cooperation, covering regional peace and security good governance, migration and climate change.
Mrs. Hirut stressed the importance of deepening ties between Ethiopia and the EU in a range of areas including trade, business, and investment, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
She further underlined Ethiopia’s continued commitment for peace and security in the Horn of Africa region, particularly in Somalia and South Sudan.
Ambassador John Borgstam expressed EU’s commitment to advance cooperation between the two sides, describing Ethiopia as one of the EU’s important partner in the African continent.
Ethiopia and the EU look back on 42 years of constructive bilateral relations in areas, as diverse as development cooperation, trade and economic development, consolidation of democratic institutions, as well as regional peace and security.

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