Consulate General in Los Angeles hosts Business to Government Pre-Investment Virtual Meeting in West Coast of USA (May 21, 2021)

The Consulate General of Ethiopia in Los Angeles in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia hosted a virtual pre-investment meeting on Thursday (May 20).

This meeting aimed to encourage the American companies’ representatives, residing on the West Coast of the United States of America, to enable them to explore and invest in Ethiopia and to have a general overview of the investment opportunities and incentives and packages in energy, agriculture, agro-processing, manufacturing, and other priority areas of investment in Ethiopia available for potential business companies.

This pre-investment virtual meeting has been attended by senior officials and experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopian Investment Commission, and consuls from the Consulate General office.

The five business companies represented in the virtual event, by their senior executives are: Green Envirotech Holdings and USWTE (Energy Sector), Agricultural Orientation Business (Agriculture Sector), Sun Works (Technology/Solar Energy), Giddy Up Energy Products Inc. (Agro-Processing/ Manufacturing Sectors), Top Form (Agriculture/Agro-Processing Sectors) The Companies representatives were participated of the discussion and raised a lot of clarification questions that are well addressed by Officials from the Ministries in the attendance.

H.E Ambassador Mulugeta Kelil, Consul General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Los Angeles, in his opening remarks emphasized the importance of this kind of pre-investment meeting appreciates the valuable exchange views regarding investment opportunities and incentive packages and lead the investors to visit and do business in Ethiopia. Moreover, he mentioned that the Consulate General office is committed to facilitating the process of visiting and investing in Ethiopia. He concluded his remarks by encouraging all the company representatives who participated in the virtual meeting to visit and start doing business in Ethiopia.

In general, the representatives from the Ethiopian side shed light on the untapped investment opportunities and incentive packages of the above-mentioned sectors. In addition to this, the business company representatives on their part have expressed their interest to invest in Energy, Agriculture, Agro-processing, manufacturing, and other priority sectors of investment opportunities in Ethiopia.

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