Eritrean Public Diplomacy and Cultural Group Arrives in Addis Ababa (February 14, 2019)

Addis Ababa February 14, 2019 An Eritrean public diplomacy and cultural group has arrived in Addis Ababa this evening.
The 55-person group was welcomed by senior government officials upon its arrival at Bole International Airport.
During its stay in Ethiopia, the group will stage artistic shows that consolidate relations between the two countries in Addis Ababa and regional cities, it was learned.
The delegation will present musical concerts along with an Ethiopian cultural group in Bahirdar, Adama, and Hawassa, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The program will be wrapped up in Addis Ababa where about 25,000 spectators attend a show at Millennium Hall.
An Ethiopian public diplomacy group will reciprocate by travelling to Eritrea soon on same mission.

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