Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen confers with Ethiopian mission leaders in Asia-Pacific countries (November 15, 2020)

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, H.E. Demeke Mekonnen, has held a webinar discussion today (November 15) with Ethiopian Ambassadors and mission leaders in the Asia-Pacific countries about the ongoing operation in Tigray.

The meeting sought out to identify successful engagements of the missions in creating awareness about the objectives of the operation among stakeholders while pointing out challenges and chart out future direction.

The meeting reached a consensus that a one-size-fits-all approach in addressing issues of the operation to stakeholders is not fruitful since context differs everywhere.

The mission leaders said the Asian countries understand that the operation in the Tigray region is the internal affair of Ethiopia and should end without alien interference.

The countries also expressed their confidence that the government would give the operation a swift conclusion by considering the protection of civilian lives.

Considering the existence of many Asian investors in Ethiopia, the mission leaders said they addressed the concern assuring that the operation would not target their staffers and economic interests since targets are carefully selected to achieve the objectives of the operation.

In all engagements with stakeholders, said Mr. Demeke, mission leaders should underscore that the operation aimed to restore the constitutional order in the region and bring the criminals to justice.

It is only through implementing this objective that the government could ensure the safety of investors, investments, and people’s right to work and live in peace anywhere in Ethiopia, he added.

Mr. Demeke said mission leaders should make people understand that any responsible government will not tolerate unprovoked attacks on its National Defence Force.

Talking about news outlets, mission leaders said the media in Asian countries do not have a biased narration about the operation in Tigray.

However, some news stories and publications in Asian media are influenced by reports of international media outlets, the mission leaders added.

Mr. Demeke finally said mission leaders should encourage the Ethiopian diaspora to create networks for better information flow regarding the operation.

Ethiopians living abroad are expected to produce journalistic outputs that correct misguided media narratives, he added.

Ambassadors of Ethiopia to China, Japan, Australia (through his representative), Korea, Indonesia, and India, including relevant bodies in the ministry have attended the meeting which was facilitated by H.E. Ambassador Birtukan Ayano.

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