Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh, “Ethiopia’s Voice is Heard Loud and Clear” (January 18, 2019)

Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu wraps up week-long panel discussion with Ambassadors and diplomats. (January 18)
Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh shed light on contemporary political dynamics of Ethiopia and its implication on foreign relations as well as in-depth look at prospects and challenges on Ethiopia’s economy in line with its Economic Diplomacy venture.
Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh said “Ethiopia’s voice is heard loud and clear across the globe despite lingering and looming geopolitical and global trends.” “Ethiopia’s impressive remarkable double digit economic growth in the entire continent has echoed our unparalleled commitment to eradicate poverty, deepen our democracy and sustain country development across the globe”, he added.
Commending the Ministry’s sound institutional reform to replenish the Ministry’s overall posture and stamina, Minister Dr. Workneh said, “The institutional reform is part and parcel of our move to enhance, better equip and trigger confidence across the board to meet our vision and mission for the advancement of #Ethiopia’s national interests.”
Minister Dr. Workneh also accentuated the Ministry’s vision for a prosperous and sustainable Republic fully integrated in a globalized and equitable world complementing our Diplomatic network overseas for a greater visibility and outreach.
Currently, Ethiopia stands tall with 46 Embassies and 14 Consulates abroad.

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