NATO Official Commends Ethiopia's Peace Efforts in Horn of Africa (April 03, 2019

NATO Official Commends Ethiopia’s Peace Efforts in Horn of Africa (April 03, 2019)

State Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Markos Tekle today received Mr. Jonathan Parish, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for NATO.
Dr. Markos appreciated the NATO-AU cooperation principally in areas of operational support, capacity-building, and sustaining the African Standby Force (ASF), while noting Ethiopia’s continued engagement in pacifying the Horn of Africa region.
Mr. Jonathan Parish commended the peaceful transition of power in Ethiopia, the sweeping reforms in the country, and the rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea as well as its peace dividend to the region.
He further underscored the importance of strengthening the NATO- AU cooperation for the peace and stability of continental Africa.
NATO has established a liaison office at AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in an effort to work more closely with its partners to tackle the peace and security challenges of the continent.

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