Outlaw TPLF Continues Belligerence Despite Unilateral Ceasefire: PM Office Says (July 28, 2021)

In a monthly press briefing, the Press Secretary for Office of Prime Minister, Bilene Seyoum said the outlaw TPLF group has continued belligerence and attack on civilians in Tigray region and neighboring Amhara and Afar Regions.

Bilene said that the terrorist group is harassing innocent people in the Amahra and Afar regions and Tigray as well adding that it has also held Eritrean refugees in the region as hostage. TPLF has killed Tigrayan civilians in the region whom it considered pro-government, she added.

The outlaw group disrupted activities carried out to relocate Eritrean refugees in camps in Tigray to peaceful areas to other parts of the country, and killed

According to Bilene, the terrorist organization confiscated and looted humanitarian items stockpiled in the region for people in need of assistance.

The criminal enterprise is also recruiting and involving children as soldiers and using human shields by dragging innocent people to conflict areas, Bilene noted.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the country and abroad have staged rallies and denounced the terrorist TPLF group, she said.

But, she stated, the international community and the media have kept dead silence about the atrocities being committed by the terrorist group, asking “Why?”

Despite the challenges, the federal government is jointly working with international partners to address the humanitarian need in the Tigray region, the Press Secretariat added.

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