Over 800 Ethiopians In US Discuss Current National Issues (February 8, 2021)

More than 800 Ethiopians living in the United States yesterday held a zoom discussion on current national issues.

Participants of the discussion were drawn from all states of the US and included religious leaders, representatives of organizations, scholars, advocacy and other groups.

The discussion took place following the call made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for all Ethiopians to fights against spread of false information about their country of origin.

In a statement issued after the discussion, the participants denounced the wrong information being disseminated via social and mainstream media by supporters of TPLF groups to deceive the international community, governments, and international institutions.

They agreed to join hands to counter the disinformation being released by these groups and to provide support to rehabilitate those who were displaced from Tigray and other parts of the country.

They further denounced the wrong information being spread regarding the tripartite negotiation on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and pledged to provide financial support until the completion of construction of the dam.

At the end of the discussion organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, the participants also asked Sudan to withdraw its forces from Ethiopian land.

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