Planting While Physical Distancing Conforms To COVID 19 Precautions: PM (June 7, 2020)

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed stated planting trees in a physically distanced manner and at family level need not deter nation’s COVID 19 prevention efforts.

“With the launch of this year’s Green Legacy, let us not think that the government is asking citizens to throw caution to the wind.” the Prime Minister stressed.

According to the Premier, the already launched tree planting campaign is an opportunity for innovators and critical thinkers to constructively explore how and in what ways the country can meet its 5 billion trees target in a COVID 19 responsive way.

“Strictly adhering to prevention measures is critical. Nevertheless, we can also maintain productivity and meet our goals while observing these measures put in place.” he added.

The premier said the country has set up a Ministerial Committee to oversee prevention efforts even before the first case of coronavirus in the country.

“Since then various sub-committees have been formed to ensure adequate preparedness and response in containing and mitigating the virus.” the premier noted.

COVID 19 sub-committees have focused on setting up isolation, quarantine and treatment centers, procuring and soliciting support for medical supplies, mobilizing resources locally and abroad, Preparing food stockpiles for the most vulnerable, and putting into effect various macroeconomic regulations, Dr. Abiy underscored.

The enforcement of various measures has been taken to ensure the readiness by the public for a surge period in positive cases, which the country is witnessing now as community spread.

The role that each and every individual has played over the last three months to stop the spread of the virus should not be underestimated, Dr. Abiy underlined.

“Green Legacy is not a one day event. It will happen throughout the rainy season. It can be realized at the individual and household level.” the Prime Minister added.

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