PM Abiy Extends Wishes On1495th Birthday of Prophet Mohammed (October 28, 2020)

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has extended wishes on the 1495th birthday of Prophet Mohammed, Maulid an-Nabi festivity to be celebrated on tomorrow.

Extending greetings to all Muslims on the festival, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed underlined that Ethiopian Muslims who celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammed along with their Christian brothers and adherents of other existing faiths contributed to the freedom of the nation preserved for centuries.

“We consider the rebirth of Ethiopia while celebrating the birthday of Prophet Mohammed.”, said the Prime Minister.

Maulid an-Nabi marks the birth of Prophet Mohammed in Mecca on the 12th day of the month of Rabi ul Awal in 570 Hijri, explained the premier, adding that the day is marked by millions of Ethiopians every year.

Unlike the pre-COVID 19 time, this year’s mauled an-Nabi will be celebrated in Mosques, Majlises, madrasas with love deep spiritual felling for pandemic hinders visits to relatives over celebration, the Premier remarked.

“While observing Maulid an-Nabi, we keep in mind scourges like locust swarms infestation, flooding, COVID 19 pandemic and other challenges which Ethiopia is facing right now.” the Prime Minister said.

“Based on our longstanding culture of mutual respect among Ethiopians, We remember the homeless while observing holidays at home.”, he said, calling for the Muslim Community to show kindness to those who are displaced from their homes due to flooding and other hazardous circumstances.

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