PM Dr. Abiy: Diplomats are the Face and Soul of Ethiopia Abroad. (January 14, 2019)

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed held an in-depth, thorough discussion this morning with the leadership of MFA, Director Generals, Ambassadors and diplomats on the ongoing reform, progresses and challenges responding to contemporary global issues of national interest, enhancing our economic diplomacy venture, diaspora engagement and lessons learned.
PM Dr. Abiy said that Diplomacy is one pillar of economic development; it is vital bedrock for socio-economic progress, adding “Our Ambassadors and diplomats are the face and soul of Ethiopia abroad. An Ambassador should relentlessly promote Ethiopia abroad for national gain, stimulate positive country image, mobilize investment, tourism and better engage the diaspora for national dialogue.”
On the occasion, PM Dr. Abiy commended the Ambassadors for their tireless effort and hard work over the years abroad, concomitantly stressing our embassies should be able to play a much more bustling, active role in promoting investment, informing and updating potential investors on investment opportunities in Ethiopia, trade, and tourism sectors.
He said, “We want the foreign ministry to become a catalyst for economic development, maintain positive country image and most importantly trigger citizencentered diplomacy in our bilateral, regional and multilateral diplomatic activity nexus.”
On a final note Dr. Abiy applauded and gave Certificate of Appreciation to Africa’s longest serving Diplomat, Ambassador Konjit Sine-Giorgis in recognition of her outstanding and invaluable contribution in various positions during her tenure of duty at MFA.

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