Press Statement: On the alleged use of “chemical weapons” in Tigray (May 23, 2021)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia noted the report published today on the Telegraph by Mr. Will Brown, the Africa correspondent of the magazine based in Nairobi, about the alleged use of “chemical weapons” in the Tigray region. He said, “…civilians in northern Ethiopia have suffered horrific burns consistent with the use of white phosphorus, a potential war crime.”

In this connection, the Ministry would like to categorically reject this allegation. Ethiopia has not employed and will never use such banned munitions because it takes its international obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention extremely seriously. As a victim of chemical weapons attack itself, Ethiopia also condemns in the strongest terms the use of chemical weapons by anyone anywhere.

The Ministry had already forewarned the international community about the publication of such a malicious and irresponsible report, which does not have any other purpose than fueling further tension. It cannot be seen any different from the ongoing effort to ratchet up pressure against the Ethiopian government.

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