Thriving partnerships are the cornerstone of progress.

A meaningful dialogue unfolded on Capitol Hill as an Ethiopian delegation, led by H.E Dr. Ergogie Tesfaye from MoWSA convened with Congressman John Garamendi on December 15/2023. The shared focus is strengthening ties between Ethiopia and the United States.
Dr. Ergogie expressed heartfelt gratitude for Congressman Garamendi’s unwavering commitment for the nation of Ethiopia. Together, they delved into critical discussions, emphasizing Congressman Garamendi’s role in the Ethiopia Caucus and his vital efforts advocating for the resumption of humanitarian support to address urgent humanitarian needs in Ethiopia. In addition, Her Excellency appreciated honorable Garamendi’s efforts concerning reinstating Ethiopia to AGOA benefits.

Highlighting personal connections, H. E the Minister acknowledged Congressman Garamendi’s impactful service in Ethiopia with the Peace Corps alongside his wife. These experiences have forged lasting bonds, underlining the importance of personal connections in fostering mutual understanding and robust diplomatic ties.
Dr. Ergogie spotlighted her pivotal role in uplifting orphans, vulnerable families, special needs, and youth, transitioning from seasonal volunteering camping to ongoing volunteer mentoring activities by implementing programs piloted in partnership with ACN (Alliance Care Now), a USA based charity organization in Fairfax VA, committed to addressing the needs of orphans and vulnerable families in Ethiopia.
The delegation extended heartfelt appreciation to Congressman Garamendi for his invaluable support. Together, it has been reaffirmed by both parties the commitment to fostering meaningful change on the lives of orphans and vulnerable families in Ethiopia

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