UAE Business Delegation to Visit Ethiopia (March 19, 2019

UAE Business Delegation to Visit Ethiopia (March 19, 2019)

A 75-member commercial delegation led by Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Saleh, UAE’s Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Economy for Foreign Trade Affairs, will visit Ethiopia this week.
The visit will include official meetings with ministers and officials from the Ethiopian government, the launch of the second Ethio-UAE business forum, and the inauguration of the country’s pavilion at the Ethiopia international trade exhibition, scheduled to take place in Addis Ababa 21-23 March, 2019.
Al Saleh said that the visit aims to develop the economic, commercial and investment cooperation between Ethiopia and the UAE.
According to the Minister, the bilateral economic ties between the Ethiopia and UAE are strong and have witnessed considerable growth.
Al Saleh stressed that the UAE government has prioritized its overall commercial and investment cooperation with Ethiopia.
He added the country’s delegation will aim to create new opportunities for the UAE’s private sector to cooperate with its Ethiopian counterpart, explore new commercial opportunities in all sectors, present the UAE’s business environment, and facilitate the work of businessmen.
The trade volume between Ethiopia and UAE in 2017 amounted to over 618 million US dollars. Their level of trade is expected to grow significantly by the end of the year, according to WAM.

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