Army Engaged In Stabilization Activities after Completing Third Phase Operation: Lt. Gen Bacha (November 29, 2020)

The Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) has engaged in stabilization activities after completing its third phase law enforcement operation in Tigray regional state.

After completing the operation, the defence army has now moved to returning to their villages those who have fled their homes due to security concerns, said Lt.Gen Bacha Debele, Commander of ENDF’s Raya Front.

He said the on-going activities by the defence forces are part of the efforts of restoring stability and returning normalcy to the people.

Lt.Gen Bacha added that the defence army is ready to prevent any possible suicide attacks by the TPLF junta in the future.

He also rejected false information being shared on social media by members of the extremist group.

Yesterday, they spread information on social media calming that they had captured me and Lt. Gen Abebaw Tadesse, Deputy Chief of Staff of ENDF.

“We are still in charge of the operation being inside the central mountain of Tigray,” he said.

“The running away TPLF clique has no power to capture anyone,” he said, pointing out that Lt. Gen Abebaw will join him in a press conference to be issued soon.

“We are scoring victory after victory,” Lt. Gen Bacha, said adding, “efforts will continue to bring the TPLF junta to justice.”

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