PM Holds Discussion with WFP Chief (May 29, 2020)

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed today held talks with David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Program (WFP).

In a tweet, the Prime Minister said “Good conversation with David Beasley of the World Food Programme on strengthening the role Ethiopia is playing as a humanitarian hub.”

According to the Prime Minister, they had also discussion on support for this year’s green legacy plans and supporting Ethiopia in productivity towards food security.

On Wednesday, Beasley also met with President Sahle-Work Zewde and Foreign Affairs Minister to discuss on national and regional issues.

Moreover, Beasley visited Ethiopian cargo facilities and officially launched the WFP humanitarian shipment hub.

Ethiopian FM Receives WFP Chief (May 27, 2020)

Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gedu Andargachew, this morning received David Beasley, Executive Director of World Food Program (WFP).

The two discussed on how to cooperate to halt the spread of the coronavirus as well as prevent desert locust and floods catastrophes in the region.

They further exchanged views on the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Commending WFP’s help to the east African nation, Gedu said Ethiopia will strengthen its cooperation with the organization.

He further briefed him about on-going measures by the government to control COVID-19 pandemic from spreading and damages caused by locust and flash floods in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries.

The Horn of Africa region needs help from the international community now more than ever, he said, further requesting WFP to strengthen its on-going support.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister also briefed Beasley on the progress of the GERD project and the negotiations held so far between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

Gedu said also underscored the importance of support from the international community for the three countries to resolve their differences through dialogue.

The Executive Director for his part said WFP will strengthen its cooperation with Ethiopia. He further appreciated Ethiopia’s efforts to curb the spread of the pandemic as well as reduce impact of locust and floods.

Beasley also called on the three countries to resolve their difference regarding the dam through discussions.

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Celebrates Africa Day (May 26, 2020)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has celebrated the 57th anniversary of the establishment of the Organization of African Unity (OAU).

In a statement issued today, the ministry said Ethiopians celebrate Africa Day with a huge sense of pride and honor as the African people have entrusted them with the privilege to host the OAU and the AU.

“Africa is celebrating this year’s anniversary amid the COVID – 19 pandemic. This is a huge global challenge that can only be addressed through global solidarity.” the statement indicated.

Africa is working together with a unity of purpose in its fight against the virus adding this effort requires greater global solidarity and partnership in which Ethiopia is determined to do its part, the ministry stated.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs further underscored that Ethiopia, as a member of the Peace and Security Council will continue to make every effort to discharge its responsibilities for peace, security and prosperity of our continent.

The day marked the birth of the Organization of African Unity on 25 May 1963 in Addis Ababa signposting to the culmination of the Pan-Africanist movement which ushered in a new era of unity, solidarity and determination to eradicate colonialism and apartheid from our continent, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Construction of Adwa Center Stepping Up (May 26, 2020)

Addis Ababa City Administration Press secretariat stated that the construction of Adwa Memorial Center is progressing well as per time scheduled.

The Press Secretariat office disclosed that the construction works of the project are underway meticulously and artfully for the center is privileged to reflect the lively victory of Adwa, a triumph of black people.

According to city’s press secretariat office, the construction is being carried at 3.3 hectare of land with a total outlay of 4,623,829 Birr.

The structure of Adwa Center is designed in a way to commemorate the victory of Adwa and Ethiopian Patriots who bravely fought in the battle.

Adwa center will consist of a museum, a meeting hall with a total capacity of over 2000 people, three smaller auditoriums with a capacity of 400 people, a 600 car capacity parking space, a cinema theater, a library, a gym, cafeterias and a childcare center among other leisure facilities.

European, American Resident Ambassadors Briefed On GERD (May 25, 2020)

Ethiopia has provided a briefing to European and American resident ambassadors in Addis Ababa on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

The event was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MWIE) to acquaint the ambassadors with the construction, filling and operation of the dam.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gedu Andargachew, and Engineer Gedion Assfaw from MWIE told the ambassadors on the status of the project and the tripartite talks held so far between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

The officials briefed them on the importance of the dam being fully funded by the people and government of Ethiopia to the region and the African continent.

They said Ethiopia appreciates the statement issued recently by the UN Secretary General António Guterres and Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat regarding the dam.

The Ethiopian officials also responded to questions raised by the ambassadors.

AU Welcomes Recent Developments Regarding GERD (May 23, 2020)

The Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat welcomed the recent developments related to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

In a statement issued yesterday, the he commended Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt for agreeing to resume technical level engagements through their mater ministers to resolve outstanding differences and reach an amicable solution.

The Chairperson further encouraged the tripartite to pursue their engagements in good faith, guided by principles of cooperation, common understanding and transparency, as stipulated in the 2015 Declaration of Principles on the GERD.

The Chairperson also stated the readiness of the AU Commission to assist all parties in finding a peaceful resolution and achieving a mutually beneficial agreement.

GERD is under construction in the Benishangul-Gumuz regional state and has now reached 73%. Ethiopia plans to begin filling the dam from July.

The people and government of Ethiopia are funding the project, which will not only serve Ethiopia, but also Sudan and Egypt as well.

The European Union (EU) said it fully recognizes the strategic importance of the Nile waters and the GERD for Ethiopia.

Initiative launched to connect recently unemployed Ethiopian Diaspora members with well-paying contact tracing jobs (For More Information)

Media Contact: 7032201467

Initiative launched to connect recently unemployed Ethiopian Diaspora members with well-paying contact tracing jobs

Washington D.C. (May 19, 2020) — A partnership of nonprofit organizations, health professionals, business leaders and Ethiopian-American citizens working in collaboration with the Ethiopian Embassy has launched an initiative to connect Ethiopian Diaspora members with contact tracing jobs across the United States.

The initiative seeks to hire, train and deploy thousands of Ethiopian Diaspora members to do contact tracing and thus put newly jobless members in the community back to work. State and local governments across the United States are building workforces of contact tracers to confront the COVID-19 health crisis. Federal and State Governments have budgeted billions of dollars and estimates for the number of people needed nationwide for contact tracing range from 100,000 to as high as 300,000. Contact tracing can be done from home on a full- or part-time basis. The work is mostly phone-based and pays an hourly wage of $15 to $35. Work contracts typically range from 6 to 12 months. The responsibilities of contact tracers include calling all contacts of anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, determining exposure, assessing symptoms, referring for testing according to established protocols, and providing them with instructions for isolation or quarantine. Contact tracers will maintain ongoing communication with contacts to assess symptoms, ensure compliance with quarantine and determine social support needs.

Successful contact tracing among immigrant communities will require contact tracers with multilingual and multicultural backgrounds as “cultural literacy” is key to developing trust with members in these and other hard-to-reach communities.

Health departments at the State and local levels recognize the barriers they face—such as language, cultural norms, and fears due to immigration status—while trying to improve access to health and human services among immigrant communities, and understand the value of partnering with community-based organizations to overcome such barriers.

The initiative will work closely with the health departments of State and local governments across the United States, as well as with the Ethiopian Embassy, to mobilize and engage the Ethiopian Diaspora community in battling the spread of COVID-19 while helping unemployed members find well-paying jobs as contact tracers.

Contact tracers will be required to be computer literate and have their own working telephone and computer/mobile electronic device. In addition, a high school diploma is required, while some college training is preferred. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and be legally authorized to work in the US.

Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora community interested in contact tracing jobs are invited to complete the online registration form available at:


    Media Contact: 7032201467

ውድ ኢትዮጵያኖች ስራ ፈላጊዎች የcovid 19 የንክኪ የለይቶ ማውጣትን ስራ ለመመዝገብ ከስር ያለውን ሊንክ ይጫኑ. Earn $14-$35/ hour.

ውድ ኢትዮጵያኖች በዚህ በምንኖርበት ከተማ የኮቪድ 19 ቁጥር ከቀን ወደ ቀን እየጨመረ መምጣቱ እና አሳሳቢ ደረጃ ላይ እንደደረሰ የምታውቁት ነገር ነው:: በመሆኑም በዋሽንግተን ዲሲ የሚገኘው ኤምበሲ ከማንኛውም ግዜ በበለጠ ከዳያስፖራው ጋ በመቆም እና እሁን ዳያስፓራውን ያጋጠመው ከስራ ገበታ መስናበት እንዲሁም በስራ ማጣት ምክንያት ህልውናችው አስጊ ሁኔታ ላይ ያላችሁትን ወገኖች ከግምት በማስገባት ኤምባሲው የሚከተለውን መረጃ ሊያቀርብላችው ግድ ይለዋል::

በስጋው እዚህ በነፍሱ ግን አገሩ ያለው እናንተ ኢትዮጵያኖች ለአገር እና ለወገኖቻችው እስከዛሬ ድረስ የጀርባ አጥንት ሆናችሁ ለተፈናቀለው: ለተራበው: ለታረዘው እርዳታ ስትጠየቁ በደስታ ስትለግሱና ለወገን ስትደርሱ የነበራችው ናችው::

አሁን ደግሞ እኛ ለናንተ የምንደርስበት ግዜ በመሆኑ የተለያዩ የህክምና ባለሞያዎች, ባለ ሀብቶች, የተማሩ ግለሰቦች ከኤምባሲው ጋ በመተባበር ለእናንተ የስራ እድል ፈጥሯል::

ይህንንም መረጃ የኢምባሲው ድህረ ገፅ በመግባት ስለ ስራው ሙሉ መረጃ ያገኛሉ:: እርግጥ ነው ይህ ወረርሽኝ በአገራችንም ይህ ነው የማይባል ችግር ዜጎቻችን ላይ እንደሚያደርስ ግልፅ ነው በመሆኑም መንግስት, እርዳታ ሰጪ ድርጅቶች እንዲሁም ግለሰቦች ሊመጣ ለሚችለው ችግር አስቀድመው እየተረባረቡ ይገኛሉ::

ኤምባሲው ዳያስፓራውን በገጠመው አለም አቀፋዊው ውድቀት በሚችለው አቅም ሁሉ ሊታደጋችው ተግቶ እየሰራ ይገኛል: ከላይ እንደተገለፅውም በድህረ ግፃችን ገብታችው የስራ ማመልከቻውን ቅፅ መሙላት ትችላላችው::

በዚህ አጋጣሚም በዚህ ቫይረስ ህይወታቸውን ላጡ ኢትዮጵያውያን ነፍሳቸውን ይማር እያልን ለቤተሰቦቻቸው ደግሞ መፅናናትን እንመኛለን::

PMO Delivers Briefings on COVID-19 and Green Legacy Initiative (May 19, 2020)

The Prime Minister Office of Ethiopia today (May 19) gave a short video briefing on key progress updates on COVID-19 and the launch of the Green Legacy Planting season.

Taking the recent upsurge of COVID-19 cases into consideration, the statement said that the risk of spread still exists and people should continue to strictly adhere to measures that have been put in place by the government.

The statement also covered COVID-19 mitigation and prevention measures that have been taken by the ministerial committee which was established to achieve this end.

Drawing lessons from the experiences of tree planting initiatives in the previous year, the Prime Minister Office announced: “this year there has been a lot of work to prepare and meet the target that has been set for 5 billion trees within the rainy season.”

Please follow this link for more: YOUTUBE.COM

May 19, 2020 Briefing by Billene Seyoum

Ethiopia, US Sign $230m Dev’t Partnership Agreement (May 14, 2020)

Ethiopia and the United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), signed a new development partnership agreement this week worth more than $230 million.

The agreement underscores the American people’s continued commitment to investing in improving health, education, agriculture, economic growth, good governance, and strengthened resilience of Ethiopians, said a statement the US embassy in Addis Ababa sent to FBC today.

Ethiopia’s State Minister of Finance, Admasu Nebebe, and USAID Mission Director Sean Jones signed the agreement to formalize the most recent American investment in Ethiopia’s long-term development.

The USAID development assistance agreement provides funding and resources required to accelerate development gains and help Ethiopia achieve its goal of becoming a middle-income country.

Under the agreement, USAID also will continue to work with the Government of Ethiopia and other international and local partners to expand access to quality healthcare and services, improve education, and advance a private sector-led model of transformative economic growth.

“We are pleased to renew our partnership with the Government of Ethiopia and formalize the next chapter in our partnership. This agreement is more than just money – this is about building upon the strong people-to-people partnerships that our two countries have shared for decades, and we look forward to continuing this important work together towards building a brighter and more prosperous future for all Ethiopians,” said USAID Mission Director Sean Jones.

The United States is the largest provider of bilateral assistance in Ethiopia. Over the past 20 years, the United States’ long-term investments in Ethiopia amount to more than $13 billion in total assistance – with over $4 billion in the last five years alone – highlighting the American people’s long-standing partnership with Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, China Vow to Join Hands Against COVID-19 (May 11, 2020)

 Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi held a phone conversation on ways of cementing cooperation against COVID 19 among their respective countries.

During the phone discussion, Gedu extended gratitude to China’s government and private companies for donating medical supplies and protective equipment to African countries including supporting continent’s fight against the virus.

Gedu also appreciated the Chinese people and Government for their successful efforts to curtail the virus.

Recalling the long-standing relations between the two countries, Gedu expressed his optimistic view that China would consider Ethiopia’s request for debt relief.

The Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, to his part reiterated his Government’s appreciation and gratitude to Ethiopia for standing shoulder to shoulder with China in times of COVID 19 hardships.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Chinese Minister has also expressed his country’s commitment to supporting Africa, including Ethiopia, in mitigating the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.