Diaspora Launches #UnityForEthiopia Twitter Campaign Against Disinformation From TPLF Activists (February 7, 2021)

Ethiopia Advocacy Network and Ethio- American Citizen’s House of Federation launched today a media campaign titled #UnityForEthiopia aimed at countering the intensified disinformation of TPLF activities about the current situation of the country.

Seyoum Assefa, the campaign’s committee member, said that the disinformation campaign should be countered before it instigates violence.

Seyoum explained that TPLF sympathizers are using manipulated contents to give a false representation of the situation in Tigray State.

Noting that the Diaspora’s Twitter campaign is intended to counter this misrepresentation of facts, Seyoum indicated that every Ethiopian has the responsibility to take part in the media campaign.

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