Ethiopia Announces List of Countries to Which New Ambassadors Are Appointed (December 27, 2018)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today announced list of countries to which the new
ambassadors of Ethiopia are appointed.
 Ambassador Sulieman Dedefo ———— UAE
 Mrs Mulu Solomon ————————— Germany
 Abdulaziz Mohammed————————–Djibouti
 Mrs Nasise Chali——————————– Canada
 Hassen Taju—————————————Senegal
 Reta Alemu————————————— Israel
 Henok Tefera———————————— France
 Mrs Alemtsehay Mesere———————–Uganda
 Dr Tizita Mulugeta—————————— India
 Amb. Tesfaye Yilma- —————–Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to AU
 Amb. Teshome Toga—————– China
 Teferi Tadesse———————————– South Sudan
 Fitsum Arega————————————- USA
 Dr Addisu Gebre-Egziabher—————— Zimbabwe
 Million Samuel———————————– The Netherlands
 Meles Alem————————————— Kenya
 Berhanu Fiseha- ——————————–Deputy Permanent Representative of
Ethiopia to the AU
 Dr Airorat Mohammed————————–Oman
 Ambassador Samia Zekaria——————Qatar

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