Premier launches national initiative to improve Ethiopia’s investment climate (December 27, 2018)

Addis Ababa, December 26, 2018 – Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed today launched a national initiative to improve Ethiopia’s investment climate. The Initiative is an integral part of Ethiopia’s Action Plan for Jobs, according to
Office of the Prime Minister. It will make Ethiopia a competitive place to start and grow businesses.
In his remark, the Premier said noted that currently Ethiopia ranks at 159 from 190 in Ease of Doing Business and described the current investment environment as inefficient, bureaucratic and cumbersome.
He emphasized that areas of reforms to be spearheaded by the ‘Doing Business’ committee will prioritize- introducing legal reforms to create conducive investment climate, delivery of expedited government services and enhancing access to credit. Ethiopia needs job creating growth. Successful businesses and entrepreneurs drive
jobs growth. The government has an essential role in identifying and addressing constraints that
prevent the private sector from growing and generating jobs. The National Initiative identifies over 80 distinct actions to be delivered across 10 government agencies. With clear direction from the Prime Minister, the reform measures will be monitored by the Policy and Performance Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office and coordinated
by the Ethiopian Investment Commission.

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