Ethiopia openly welcomes relief agencies operating legally: Ministry (February 16, 2021)

Apart from respecting Ethiopia’s inviolable sovereignty, international relief agencies that fulfill the country’s basic requirements for delivering humanitarian aids are openly welcomed, Peace Minister Muferiat Kamil said.

The minister told local media that the relief agencies should fulfill the international aid standards while entering a sovereign country.

Some humanitarian organizations that are insisting on deploying extra-human power have been banned for obvious reason, she said.

No single international relief could enter Ethiopia without legally possessing the government’s permission, she stressed.

‘The Ethiopian government has been granting approval for some foreign aid groups to enter Tigray state having met all the necessary requirements.”

So far, over 75 international relief agencies have been approved to mobilize support to people in need of humanitarian assistance in Tigray, she stated.

Muferiat noted that some western media and international institutions have engaged in distorting facts on the ground about the Ethiopian government’s efforts of mobilizing support to the affected people in Tigray.

Accordingly, the government has dispatched money and in-kind supports to over two million citizens in Tigray.

The Ethiopian herald February 16/2021

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