Ethiopia Signs Agreement with GIZ, UNIDO to Back Textile Industry (December 10, 2020)

Ministry of Trade and Industry of Ethiopia has signed a trilateral agreement aims to transform the textile industry sector with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and German Development Cooperation (GIZ) today.

Agro Industry Processing Division State Minister at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Teka Gebreiyesus and UNIDO regional Director and representative to Ethiopia Aurelia Patrizia have signed the agreement representing their respective organizations.

The Agreement is aimed to building capacity of Chinese textile factories in Ethiopia bring sustainable industries that will effectively discharge their social responsibilities, according to Trade and Industry Ministry.

The agreement is said to be implemented with financial support from government of China under coordination of UNIDO, regional director Aurelia Patrizia said.

State Minister Teka Gebreiyesus, to his part, expressed gratitude to government of China and UNIDO for their support to the industrial development endeavors of Ethiopia pledging commitment to continue working with such international partners for better productivity.

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