Ethiopian Diaspora in Los Angeles collects about $600 thousand in nine months to support GERD (April 25, 2021)

Ethiopian Diaspora in Los Angeles and its Environs affirmed their commitment to continue supporting the GERD project.

They expressed their commitment during a discussion they had with the delegation of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency and various associations representing Ethiopians and Ethiopian descent in Los Angeles.

H.E. Selamawit Dawit, Director of Diaspora Agency made remarks appreciating the engagement of the Ethiopian Diaspora in Los Angeles in supporting the flagship project.

The Director further expressed hope that Ethiopian Diaspora support would add up to the encouraging momentum of supporting the construction of the dam.

Ethiopia’s Consul General in Los Angeles, H.E. Ambassador Mulugeta Kelil also appreciated the Ethiopian Community in Los Angeles for contributing about $600,000 to the GERD project in just nine months.

The discussion noted the ongoing working relationship between the Diaspora Agency and the Community in Los Angeles and deliberated ways to further engage the Ethiopian Diaspora in supporting national causes, including the GERD.

In her concluding remarks, Mrs. Selamawit called on the Ethiopian Community to take note of the challenges that the country is facing right now and avoid traps that tend to eclipse the ongoing reform process in the country.

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