Ethiopians Honor National Defence Force With A 2mn Nationwide Observance (November 17, 2020)

Ethiopians all over the country have honored the National Defence Force in an observance of a 2mn activity starting from 11:30 AM this morning.

Responding to the national call, all Ethiopians across the country have taken part in the 2mn national ceremony held under the motto “I Stand With the National Defence Force” placing their hands on their right heart for one minute and clapping their hands for one minute at the same time wherever they are.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Sahle-Work Zewde along with other high ranking officials have joint the national 2mn observance held to honor the National Defence Force.

Religious leaders, renowned politicians and other public figures have also attended the 2mn national ceremony.

Moreover, members of the Diaspora living abroad have also expressed their solidarity with the National Defence Force observing the 2mn activity in recognition of gallantry of the army at the operation underway to ensure rule of law in the country.

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