Finish President Urges Int`l Community for Concrete Action on Climate Change (October 16, 2019)

Addis Ababa October 16 /2019 President of Finland, Sauli Miinisto called upon the international community to take concrete actions in the efforts to tackle impacts of climate change and global warming.

Addressing a high-level seminar on climate change held in Addis Ababa, President Sauli Miinisto said the planet is at a critical crossroad. “The impact of climate change is global and immediate; the same must be true for our responses. Climate actions are required here and now.”

The impacts of climate change is not only undermine sustainable economic development it also threatens peace and security, he stated.

Climate change is not the only concern of the future it happens here and now, the president noted, adding that “We cannot afford to focus on either adaptation or mitigation only. We need concrete results”.

President Sauli Miinisto has also praised Ethiopia`s effort on climate action.

“I have been very pleased to learn here how Ethiopia is taking the lead. Ethiopia`s commitment to ambitious climate action is a true inspiration to others,” he said.

Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Sileshi Bekele said weather and climate system do not respect political boundaries.

“International cooperation is critically important due to the influence of climate change. Concrete actions yet remained to be realized. Actions on climate are necessary more than ever,” he pointed out.

During the occasion, Finish and Ethiopian meteorological institutes and the Finish Company Vaisala have signed an agreement to help monitor and forecast the effects of climate change and to minimize the impact of climate hazards.

Sileshi noted that majority of Ethiopia`s population relies on rain fed agriculture.

So, he said “We need modern and advanced metrological observation network, hydro-meteorological forecast in addition, actions on climate change both adaptation and mitigation is equally important”.

Ethiopia planted 4 billion trees last rainy season with the world record of over 350 million trees a day which is an exemplary climate action, according to the minister.

In 2020, Ethiopia plans to plant about five billion trees. The world needs about 1.3 trillion trees to reverse the accumulation of carbon in the air also combat desertification.

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