Government Forms National Independent Economic Council (December 14, 2020)

Prime Minister Office has today announced that the government has formed a National Independent Economic Council tasked to put forward recommendations to help effectively implement and follow up effectiveness and sustainability reform programs underway in the country.

The establishment of the National Independent Economic Council is also said crucial to promote inclusive economic development policy, comprehend complicated social problems and scrutinize policy alternatives accordingly.

Based on an announcement it posted on December 12 2019, Prime Minister Office has been receiving recommendations and applications for candidates of the National Independent Council membership.

After screening candidates out of 290 nominees in three phases, Prime Minister Office shortlisted 16 intellectuals who have expressed their interests to work for the council.


  1. Professor Alemayehu Geda
  2. Professor Birhanu Abegaz
  3. Professor Gabissa Ejeta
  4. Professor Melaku Desta
  5. Professor Seid Hassen
  6. Tadelle Ferede
  7. Professor Tasew Woldehana
  8. Alemayehu Seyoum
  9. Alula Pankhurst
  10. Dimma Negewo
  11. Eleni Gebremedihin
  12. Professor Lemma Woldesenbet
  13. Rahel Kassahun
  14. Segenet Kelemu
  15. Yonas Birru
  16. Hilawe Tsdesse have been selected as members of the National Independent Economic Council.
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