Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gedu Andargachew, Receives European Parliament Members (October 29, 2019)

Ethiopia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gedu Andargachew, received a 17-member delegation of the European Parliament at his office today.

They discussed the ongoing inclusive reform in Ethiopia and ways to bolster the strategic ties between the European Union and the Horn of African nation.

The series of visits paid by members of the parliament show EU’s strong ties with Ethiopia, the Foreign Minister indicated.

He briefed the delegation on the homegrown economic reform agenda launched to spur economic growth as well as measures being taken to widen the political space and build democracy in the country.

He also told them about Ethiopia’s continental and regional peace building efforts and thanked the EU for its unwavering development and humanitarian assistance to efforts being made to bring peace and stability in Ethiopia and the region.

The Foreign Minister finally called upon the EU to continue its assistance to Ethiopia’s development and democracy as well as urged them to encourage investment in Ethiopia from Member States of European Union.

Tomas Tobe, member of the European Parliament and head of the delegation, for his part appreciated the initiative taken by the Government of Ethiopia for peace in the region in general and Eritrea in particular.

He congratulated Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed for winning the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize and commended the ongoing economic growth in Ethiopia and its efforts to build democracy, improve the lives of refugees and bring lasting peace in the region.

Tobe stated that the European Union will continue its support to make the ongoing inclusive reform in Ethiopia a success.

The European Parliament is made up of 751 Members elected in the 28 Member States of the enlarged European Union.

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