PM Dr. Abiy, “Ethiopia is a Staunch Advocate of Peace” (January 24, 2019)

Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed addressed world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos (January 24), where he highlighted Ethiopia’s rapid transformation and reform process which is deeply rooted in the philosophy of “Medemer”, Amharic for coming together or synergy has become a colloquial word inspiring the nation carried far and wide throughout #Ethiopia.
Recalling the highly uncertain and highly volatile attributes of the Horn Region that has grappled it for decades with rivalries and hostilities Prime Minister Dr. Abiy said that Ethiopia is bold and firm to sustain pave the way for viable discourses that primarily promote common interests, common visions and common development across the board addressing major culprits that have hindered the region to the apex of peace, stability and normalcy. He stated that Ethiopia’s principled and disciplined foreign policy nexus depicts as a matter of priority our resolute for regional peace and stability based on the core principles of mutual respect, mutual benefits and mutual growth triggering tremendous potentials for holistic economic growth through regional cooperation strata.
The Prime Minister also discussed the contribution of Ethio- Eritrea Rapprochement as a continental model for regional reconciliation a grandeur historic paradigm shift ushering wind of hope wind of harmony to normalize relations with unprecedented speed and fashion of progress elevating its call above and beyond national boundary
to stimulate peaceful discourses in the region highlighting the reopening of Bure and Zalambesa border crossings during the Ethiopian New Year as the latest dramatic development which brought an extraordinary jubilation for the people of the two countries.
On the margins of the WEF Annual Meeting, the Prime Minister also reiterated the myriad of politico-economic reforms Ethiopia undertook recently among others overarching vision of national reconciliation, toning down political polarization, releasing political prisoners including some high profile figures, inviting exiled opposition groups to return home and participate vibrantly in politics intertwining and encouraging progressive inclusive democracy, navigate through political discourse based on rationality and civility has reaffirmed better equipped Ethiopia’s positive new dawn a new chapter a new era of optimism both on the economic and political flanks.
Prime Minister Dr. Abiy addressed the plethora of challenges ahead to accelerate transforming a nation from the plight of poverty towards economic development towards unity and inclusion despite the applauded sound country wide reforms undertaken responding to lingering and looming regional and geopolitical challenges. He said that Ethiopia’s impressive remarkable double digit economic growth in the entire continent has echoed our unparalleled commitment to eradicate poverty, deepen our democracy and sustain country development across the globe and to that end we remain steadfast committed to tackle the myriad of challenges ahead and put Ethiopia’s name in the proper place in the world.
The World Economic Forum is held annually by global leaders to address global pressing issues to shape a better future.

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