Reform in Ethiopia Model for Other African Countries, Says US Assistant Secretary. (November 30, 2018)

Addis Ababa November 29/2018 Ethiopia has been entering into a paradigm shift and the reform underway is a model for other African countries, US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy said.
Following the discussion with Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu, Nagy told the media today that taking political parties as competitors rather than enemies is one of the showcases of paradigm shift.
One of the incredibly significant things the Prime Minister said recently is “we no longer look at our political opposition as enemies but as competitors.” That is a significant change and paradigm shift, he added.
“I only wish countries everywhere would take that model because that is exactly what an opposition is. When I heard that my heart left for joy, and absolutely we support this reform,” Nagy underscored.
Further commenting on the reform, the Assistant Secretary for African Affairs said they are extremely significant and it is going to mean a lot for the young people. “I do urge a certain amount of patience because everything cannot change for the better immediately in all aspects.”
The political space is wide open but it needs a little bit of patience. Now, the whole world is applauding what is going on Ethiopia; and the country is very fortunate, he pointed out.
Nagy also praised Ethiopia’s role in the Horn of Africa. He noted that the region is dramatically changing for the better, thanks for the tremendous efforts of Ethiopia.
According to him, trade and investment will be the priority of U.S in Africa. “So going forward, I will bring a lot of American companies here.”
One thing Ethiopia has been doing remarkably is building universities. “Now we have to make sure that millions of young people who come out from universities have professional jobs to go into,” he observed.
Nagy added: “To do that, we need to attract a lot of investment. So companies will come from all over the world not only America.”

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