Some Media Outlets Continue To Manipulate Int’l Community On Passage Of Humanitarian Aid: PMO (August 5, 2021)

Office of the Prime Minister said despite the government’s efforts to enable a secured passage for humanitarian assistances in Tigray region, there is still a deliberate campaign to manipulate the international community by some western media outlets.

Press Secretary for the Office of the Prime Minister, Billene Seyoum told the international media today that in the past weeks there have been a continued bravados attempted by some media outlets to undermine the activities being carried out by the government of Ethiopia to provide humanitarian aid in Tigray.

According to her, those media took such a biased position on the whole thing in favor of the terrorist TPLF by discrediting the leadership of the Ethiopian government.

“In the past weeks we have seen the continued bravado of the terrorist TPLF in some media outlets attempting to discredit the leadership of the Ethiopian government as well as the efforts that have been made.”

Even if TPLF has continued with its belligerent encroachment into other regions and blocked the humanitarian convoys, Billene indicated some 157 trucks of humanitarian assistance have entered in Tigray region and this have also reached in Mekele city as of yesterday.

These trucks contained food and non-food items delivered by humanitarian actors like the World Food Program and other UN agencies as well as international organization that are operating in the region, the secretary revealed.

Noting that the government of Ethiopia has been exerting efforts to facilitate a secured passage of humanitarian convoy into Tigray, however she said the terrorist TPLF’s manipulative campaign has been misleading the international community about the reality on the ground.

“There is still deliberate effort to manipulate the international community to thinking that the support provisions put into place by the government to support the delivery of aid into the region are ineffective,” Billene indicated.
This skewing narrative is supported by paid TPLF’s social media and even mainstream media writers to undermine the leadership of the Ethiopian government.

“Aided by their digital foot soldiers and operatives, they have continuously skewed the narrative posturing as right defenders for the people of Tigray in whose name they continued to trade,” she noted.

She added that the terrorist TPLF group is playing victim and victory identity to accuse the government for everything.

Whereas, the government of Ethiopia is in a full posture to neutralize areas from the terrorist TPLF for effective humanitarian aid flow and keep the integrity of the country.

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