Statement By Ethiopia State Of Emergency Fact Check About The Investigations Underway In Tigray (February 25, 2021)

It is to be recalled that, in response to the use of force and the aggression by the TPLF clique the Government of Ethiopia had to undertake a law enforcement operation within the framework of a State of Emergency.

As part of this operation of the relevant authorities, including the Human Rights Commission, the Federal Police and Attorney General have been conducting investigations relating to the crimes committed and incidents that have occurred in the Tigray Regional State.

As such investigations progress, these institutions have also released to the public their findings. Furthermore, the necessary steps to ensure accountability have also been taken based on the findings of these investigations.

It is expected that those who are suspected of being responsible for the attack against the Ethiopian National Defense Force and those who are suspected of involvement in the massacre committed in Maikadra will face charges before the appropriate courts in the coming weeks.

In line with this commitment for ensuring rule of law and accountability, the appropriate authorities and institutions in Ethiopia will continue conducting investigations to ascertain facts and ensure accountability where it is established that crimes have been committed.

We are aware that such investigations are already underway by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission in relation to some of the allegations and incidents that have been reported by various entities, including crimes of sexual violence and allegations relating to incidents in the city of Axum.

The Commission is undertaking these investigations by enlisting and collaborating with international experts in accordance with the principle of complementarity, which gives primacy to national human rights institutions and mechanisms.

Furthermore, the Federal Police and Prosecutors are also undertaking the necessary inquiry to ensure accountability.

These institutions will continue to communicate to the public their findings and based on these findings the Government of Ethiopia will take the appropriate measures in accordance with the law. While tragic incidents and unfortunate events do occur in conflict situation, the Government of Ethiopia does not condone any act that gratuitously puts the lives of civilians in danger.

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