TPLF Kills 22, Kidnaps 20 Civilian Leaders Of Tigray Interim Administration: Fact Check (May 26, 2021)

State of Emergency Fact Checked has issued statement on targeted assassinations of Tigray Provisional Administration civilian leaders by TPLF within the region.

According to the statement, the terrorist TPLF has killed 22, kidnapped 20 and wounded 4 civilian leaders and staff of the Tigray Provisional Administration.

A total of 46 civilian provisional administration staffers have been attacked thus far by TPLF fighters that claim to be fighting for the people of Tigray but have rather been actively engaged in the destruction of property, kidnapping and killing of members of the Provisional Administration that are tasked with bringing stability to the region and returning normalcy to the lives of Tigrayans in the region.

In addition, TPLF have continued to burn down houses and fire ammunitions into households.

The ENDF and Provision Administration remain committed to stabilizing the region and holding perpetrators accountable, the statement said.

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