The embassy attended a Book Launch: Ketema Yifru: A Champion of Peace, Progress, and Pan-Africanism

Author Makonnen Ketema, son of Ketema Yifru; who’s father was a once prominent figure that served as a Foreign Minister; contributing a great deal to Ethiopian Foreign Policy, played a pivotal role in the creation of the Organization of African Unity and was instrumental in finding solutions to various conflicts across the African continent, has written and published a book titled; Ketema Yifru: A Champion of Peace, Progress, and Pan-Africanism.
H.E Ambassador Zelalem Birhan, Deputy Chief of Mission attended The Book Launch, which was held at Hilton Arlington Hotel in Virginia; he gave remarks on the successful launch of the book; which tells the remarkable life and achievements of H.E Ketema Yifru, who came from humble beginnings but managed to make significant strides not only for Ethiopia but also for the African continent at large.

The book delves deep into the life of HE Ketema Yifru, exploring his early years, educational background, and the challenges he faced on his journey to becoming a key figure in Ethiopian and African diplomacy. It sheds light on the strategies and visions he employed to cement ties across nations and champion Pan-African ideals. His commitment to peaceful dialogue and constructive engagement made him a respected figure among his peers and leaders of other nations.
Ambassador Zelalem, in his remarks, emphasized the importance of documenting and understanding our history to inform the present and guide the future. He lauded the author, Makonnen Ketema, for his meticulous research and dedication in capturing the essence of his father’s legacy in the book. Such works serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of individuals who rise above challenges to contribute positively to the global discourse.
The event at Hilton Arlington Hotel was graced by distinguished guests, including, historians, academics, and members of the Ethiopian diaspora.

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