The Ethiopian Embassy held an event that showcased Ethiopian New Year Celebration

In a lively and colorful event, guests were immersed in the rich cultural tapestry of Ethiopia at the Ethiopian New Year Celebration held at the Embassy of Ethiopia in collaboration with Things To Do DC/ Embassy Experiences. The evening was a vibrant showcase of Ethiopian traditions, offering a unique opportunity for participating guests to experience the Ethiopian New Year celebration.

The celebration commenced with a warm welcome from H.E Ambassador Seleshi Bekele, who emphasized the significance of the Ethiopian New Year and its deep-rooted cultural importance. His opening remarks set the tone for an evening filled with cultural exchanges and mutual appreciation.
Throughout the event, attendees were treated to a mesmerizing display of images and videos showcasing the diverse tourist attractions, cultural experiences, traditional Ethiopian dances, and enjoy authentic Ethiopian cuisines, each offering a taste of the nation’s unique flavours.
The event served as a bridge, allowing non-Ethiopian guests to gain a deeper understanding of the traditions and customs surrounding the Ethiopian New Year, leaving attendees with a newfound appreciation for the richness of Ethiopian culture.

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