The Embassy held a successful fundraising and discussion in the presence of H.E Mayor Adanech Abiebie with DMV area Ethiopian Diaspora Business Community.

During the occasion the Embassy raised 200,000 USD for the “Dine for Generation” project.

In her remarks, H.E Mayor Adanech elaborated the conducive investment opportunities in Addis Ababa in the areas of technology, construction, health, hospitality, education and several others.

She also clarified the City Administration’s commitment to provide efficient services and resolve any obstacles that investors might face to operate their business activity.

They Mayor expressed her gratitude to supporters to the “Dine for Generation” project indicating this initiative’s grand role in transforming Ethiopia’s global image and creating multitude of opportunities.

H.E Ambassador Seleshi Bekele on his part reiterated the growing business and investment windows in Addis Ababa and the rest of the country.

He also lauded Ethiopian Diaspora for the unwavering support of national calls, adding that the projects funded by the ‘Dine for Generation” initiative would augment Ethiopia’s aspiration of becoming Africa’s top tourist destination.

Ambassador Seleshi reaffirmed the Embassy’s readiness in providing valuable information and link the business community with respective government offices in Ethiopia.

Participants of the DMV area diaspora business community expressed their keen interest of investing in Addis Ababa and other parts of the country.

They also vowed their continued support to “Dine for Generation” and other development initiatives.

During the event, a detailed information of Addis Ababa’s Investment opportunities and grand projects was presented by the Mayor’s Strategic Programes Office.

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