The Government is committed for the implementation of the peace agreement – H.E Mr. Demeke Mekonnen

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Demeke Mekonen, held discussion today (November 17) with the Special Envoy of the European Union for the Horn of Africa, Dr. Annette Weber, about the peace agreement and regional issues in his office.
During the discussion, Minister Demeke said that the Ethiopian Government worked hard to reach a peace agreement because of its desire to resolve the problem in the North peacefully. He also noted that the Government is committed to the implementation.

He expressed that humanitarian aid is being made available to the areas affected by the conflict. He also explained that the work of provision of basic services is gaining momuntem.
In addition, he stated that the government will hold political consultations with the relevant parties to solve the security problems in some parts of the country, and discussions will be held on various agendas at the national dialogue forum.
He also appreciated those who supported the signing of the peace agreement.
Demeke also called on partners to strengthen their cooperation in the phase of implementation of the agreement and recovery of areas affected by the conflict.
The Special Envoy, Dr. Annette Weber expressed her appreciation for the historic agreement. She also stated that the European Union will play its part in the implementation of the agreement and reconstruction.

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