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Statement on preoccupying issues in Ethiopia and the way forward (August 6, 2021)

The situation in Tigray and the unilateral humanitarian ceasefire declared by the Government of Ethiopia, including the need to enhancing All-inclusive National Dialogue, have been the major preoccupying issues lately. The Government of Ethiopia has been committed to the Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire that it has declared on 28 June 2021 in a bid to give […]

Some Media Outlets Continue To Manipulate Int’l Community On Passage Of Humanitarian Aid: PMO (August 5, 2021)

Office of the Prime Minister said despite the government’s efforts to enable a secured passage for humanitarian assistances in Tigray region, there is still a deliberate campaign to manipulate the international community by some western media outlets. Press Secretary for the Office of the Prime Minister, Billene Seyoum told the international media today that in […]

The Spokesperson Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Ethiopia, Press Briefing Summary (August 5, 2021)

Spokesperson of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, H.E. Ambassador Dina Mufti, gave the Ministry’s biweekly press briefing today to the media on major diplomatic activities over the week. Please find here summary of the press briefing: I. Political Diplomacy H.E. Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia received on Thursday (July […]

የህወሃት አሸባሪ ቡድን ስርአት የሚይዝ ከሆነ መንግስት በየትኛውም አማራጭ ለትግራይ ህዝብ ሰብአዊ ድጋፍ ማቅረብ እንደሚችል ገለጸ (August 5, 2021)

ለጉብኝት አዲስ አበባ የገቡት የአሜሪካ መንግሥት የተራድኦ ድርጅት ኃላፊ ሳማንታ ፓዎር ከኢትዮጵያ መንግስት ከፍተኛ የስራ ሃላፊዎች ጋር ውይይት አድርገዋል። በውይይቱም ወቅት በትግራይ ክልል በተፈጠረው ሁኔታና የህወሃት አሸባሪ ቡድን እየፈጠረ ባለው ችግር ዙሪያ ለሃላፊዋ ሰፊ ገለፃና ማብራሪያ እንደተደረገላቸው የሰላም ሚኒስትሯ ሙፈሪያት ካሚል ገልጸዋል። የአሜሪካ መንግሥት የተራድኦ ድርጅት ኃላፊ ሳማንታ ፓዎር ወደ ኢትዮጵያ መምጣታቸው የህወሃት አሸባሪ ቡድን […]

Peace Corps representing Ethiopian civic organizations in the US affirm commitment to stand by Ethiopia (August 3, 2021)

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister H.E. Demeke Mekonnen warmly welcomed to his office today (August 03) members of a peace corps formed by Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian origin in the United States. The Peace Corps represents more than 30 civic organizations in various parts of the United States organized to advance the interests […]

ኢትዮጵያ በቶኪዮ ኦሎምፒክ የመጀመሪያውን ወርቅ በአትሌት ሰለሞን ባረጋ አገኘች (July 30, 2021)

ኢትዮጵያ በቶኪዮ ኦሎምፒክ የመጀመሪያውን ወርቅ በ10 ሺህ ሜትር ወንዶች ፍፃሜ ውድድር በአትሌት ሰለሞን ባረጋ አግኝታለች። አትሌት ሰለሞን ባረጋ ለኢትዮጵያ የወርቅ ሜዳሊያውን ያስገኘው በመጀመሪያው የኦሎምፒክ ተሳትፎው ነው። በቶኪዮ ኦሊምፒክ ዛሬ 8፡30 ላይ በተደረገው የወንዶች 10 ሺህ ሜትር ፍፃሜ ውድድር አትሌት ሰለሞን ባረጋ ርቀቱን በ27፡43.22 በመግባት ለኢትዮጵያ የመጀመሪያውን ወርቅ አስገኝቷል። በውድድሩ አትሌት በሪሁ አረጋዊ 4ኛ ሲወጣ አትሌት […]