Diaspora Trust Fund Commits Half Million USD Medical Relief Fund (December 31, 2020)

The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund (EDTF) has committed half a million USD medical relief fund to mitigate the current critical shortage of life-saving medications and medical supplies in Ethiopia.

The trust fund has also launched a fundraising campaign to generate a similar amount from donors, a press release of EDTF added.

The entire amount, which is expected to be one million USD, will go towards mitigating the shortage of medical supplies in many health care institutions due to the recent humanitarian crisis.

The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund stated that it was the largest single donor to the COVID-19 crisis in Ethiopia and has procured and delivered medical supplies worth over one million one hundred seventy-three thousand USD.

The contribution and impact that EDTF made towards the COVID-19 initiative and the launching of other development projects is a true testament to your dedication and generosity, the press release added.

Over the past two years, the fund has mobilized over 26,000 donors from 93 countries, established 48 chapters, engaged over 200 volunteers, raised more than seven million USD in donations, and set a process to identify and finance socio-economic development projects, and responded to priority needs, it was learned.

In 2020, it has accomplished significant milestones while building a sustainable organization that will transcend generations.

Furthermore, it approved one million three hundred forty-two thousand USD to finance five development projects and transferred one hundred sixty-five thousand nine hundred thirty- nine USD to Ethiopia to start these projects.

The Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund Advisory Council, established on August 9, 2018, created the Friends of EDTF as an independent non-profit organization to advance the mission of improving disadvantaged Ethiopians lives by engaging the global Ethiopian Diaspora from all walks of life.

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