Ethiopia Celebrates 80th Anniversary Of Patriots Victory Day Colorfully (May 5, 2021)

The 80th Anniversary of the Patriots Victory Day has been celebrated colorfully around Victory Monument in the capital in the presence of senior government officials and veterans and juniors of the patriots.

The victory Day commemorates gallantry of Ethiopian Patriots in the five years struggle against Italian forces the end of the Fascist aggression in the country.

Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa City, Adanech Abiebie, addressing the gatherings, said that Ethiopian forefathers and foremothers overcame the well armed fascist aggressor that prepared for 40 years to retaliate the defeat it encountered at the battle of Adwa with unified gallantry and determination.

The sacrifices paid by Ethiopian patriots have made Ethiopia an icon of independence for many African countries and other nations which were under colony and oppression.

Deputy Mayor called upon the youth and the general public at large to preserve the spirit of the victory of the patriots against the Italian Fascist and stand united to defend national interests from both internal and external antagonists.

She also announced that patriots have offered opportunity to get free health care services in public hospitals, and the city administration has decided to allot land to the patriots association in support of its fundraising efforts.

President of the Ethiopian Patriot Association, Lij Daniel Jote Mesfin, public figures and gusts were present at the commemoration of the Victory Day.

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