Ethiopia Lauds Diaspora’s Support To Mega Projects, COVID-19 (April 27, 2021)

Ethiopian delegation led by State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Birtukan Ayano has concluded its face-to-face engagements with Ethiopians and people of Ethiopian descent in the US.

The visit was aimed at encouraging the Ethiopian Diaspora to continue extending financial and advocacy supports to key flagship projects and holding constructive discussions regarding pivotal issues of the country.

The delegation that headed to the US included Director-General of Ethiopia’s Diaspora Agency, Selamawit Dawit, and had held fruitful engagements with Ethiopians living in Washington, NewYork, Minnesota, and their environs.

Deputy Director-General of the Agency, Dr. Mohamed Endris, had also led a delegation that went to Europe and spend time in Frankfurt, Germany, and Geneva, Switzerland.

During the talks, Ambassador Birtukan and members of the delegation have extended their country’s gratitude to the Diaspora support on issues related to the GERD, Covid-19, and the “Dine for Nation” project.

They have also expressed delight in the remarkable support extended to the Ethiopian Defence Forces and all affected people during the law enforcement operation in the northern part of the country.

They have also urged the Ethiopian Diaspora to take note of internal and external forces that are working in unison to thwart the reform process in the country.

At the meetings, the delegation was able to observe that members of the Diaspora have great interest to unconditionally address and support their country’s needs and concerns.

They have also underscored the need to facilitate access to up-to-date information, new fundraising strategies, and viable methods to streamline their financial contributions sustainably.

The delegation in Europe facilitated training to ambassadors and mission leaders, diplomats, and ICT professionals serving in 18 missions on the use of the Agency’s updated Diaspora Registry database.

It was reported that more than $90,000 during the delegation’s visit to the US, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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