Ethiopians in San Francisco hold rally to support law enforcement operation in Tigray and GERD negotiations (March 29, 2021)

The demonstrators said the rally signifies their search for the truth and the acceptance of responsibility by the politicians, media outlets, and Humanitarian organizations.

They also recalled all the atrocities that the TPLF had inflicted against the wellbeing of all Ethiopians since its inception to its end as a major political force in the country.

Now, they said TPLF operators, some of whom are prominently planted in international organizations, humanitarian institutions, and major news outlets, are using traditional and social media forums in a coordinated fashion to disseminate their disinformation and lies.

Tragically, these operatives have so far been successful in befuddling the international community, as well as sympathetic

governments and institutions, as they had effectively done so for over three decades of their tyrannical rule, they said.

Equally troubling is the lack of balance in the coverage of the crisis in Tigray, whose root cause was the brazen and unprovoked attack by the TPLF on the ENDF, they added.

According to the participants in the rally, it is extremely disheartening and alarming to behold how major newspapers, humanitarian organizations, and even the US State Department, conveniently and conspicuously omit crucial facts in their analysis of the current situation in the region.

Regrading the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), they said it would be a lifesaver for the 115 million people in Ethiopia, adding that they fully support the government of Ethiopia in the approach for a reasonable and equitable sharing of this god’s gift to Ethiopia and the downstream countries as well.

Ethiopia’s destiny is tied to the completion of the GERD, they said and the Ethiopian Diasporas in the USA are behind the success of this momentous effort underway that shall make a difference to the 65 million Ethiopians waiting for this moment to become a reality.

The rally has drawn a large number of Ethiopians and Eritreans as well.

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