Ethiopians In US Condemn Interference, Spread Of Misinformation (March 10, 2021)

Ethiopians living in the United States are currently holding a demonstration in Washington DC under the theme: “Unity for Ethiopia”.

According to organizers, the main objective of the demonstration is to reveal the truth about Ethiopia and fight the propaganda spread in foreign countries that tarnishes the image and undermines the sovereignty of the country.

Remnants of the junta and the media supporting them have been exerting efforts to mislead the international community, following the law enforcement operation in Tigray, they said.

They are spreading false information ignoring the efforts being made to rebuild Tigray and provide humanitarian assistance by the government, the diaspora and various charitable organizations, the organizers indicated.

Among the organizers, Tassew Melkahiwot told ENA that “Remnants of the junta are tarnishing the image of the country by spreading misinformation abroad.”

According to him, similar demonstration will be staged in New York City to condemn the misinformation spread about Ethiopia by the international media.

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