Government Committed To Respond To Needs of Citizens In Tigray Expeditiously: PM Office (November 26, 2020)

In a statement issued today, Prime Minister Office indicates that the Federal Government is committed to responding to the needs of citizens in the Tigray Region expeditiously.

In partnership with the relevant agencies, the government will continue to extend protection and humanitarian assistance to those in need, the office said.

Following a technical committee assessment of needs on the ground conducted over the past week, the humanitarian support to internally displaced Ethiopians in the Tigray Region is being extended through the coordination of the Ministry of Peace and other Federal stakeholders, it is indicated on the statement.

Accordingly, distribution of initial supplies of food, medicine, clean water, and non-food items have begun in areas that are under the control of the Federal government, addressing the basic needs of displaced citizens currently in camps outside of their locales.

The committee is also overseeing the establishment of four camp sites to begin receiving and supporting citizens that have fled, before voluntarily returning them to their communities.

Based on the assessment conducted by the technical committees, the need for daily subsistence support for vulnerable communities has also been identified and the distribution of core relief items will start until life returns to normal.

This humanitarian assistance will now be further reinforced with the opening of a humanitarian access route to be managed under the auspices of the Ministry of Peace.

The government stands ready to support all Ethiopians that have fled to return to their communities and is committed to work with UN agencies and other humanitarian organizations to protect civilians and help those who need it, the statement indicated.

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