PM Extends Easter Message to Ethiopian Christians (April 18, 2020)

Prime Minister Dr Aby Ahmed today issued his Easter message.

Ethiopian Christians celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, tomorrow.

In his address to the faithful, the Prime Minister said “on Easter festivity, something occurs to our mind, we know joy follows pain and darkness, light”

He said “we are now at a time of upheaval due to COVID 19,” a virus that invaded and rocked the whole world.

The psychological burdens as human beings are battling the dire situations due to lose of lives of their beloved ones, social, economic and political disorders and impacts on religious practices, he said

He urged the general public to stand united and rally along the government to face the realities and fight the virus to minimize the effects that it might pose against the nation.

PM Dr Abiy called for further preparedness to withstand the national challenges that might result from the COVID 19 outbreak in the country.

Expressing his full hope that this catastrophic time will pass, he urged the public to do their level best to become victorious in fight against the virus and shorten the time of panic.

The Prime Minister finally wished all Ethiopians celebrating Easter a happy holiday.

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