President Sahle-Work: Digital Transformation is a Pathway to Prosperity for all Africans (December 19, 2018)

President Sahle-Work Zewde has returned to Addis Ababa this morning (December19) after attending the Africa -Europe High-Level Forum in Vienna which took place under the theme: “Taking Cooperation to the Digital Age”.
The forum aimed at broadening cooperation between Africa and the EU , with a focus on digital technology and its importance to economic growth and development. The President addressed the forum with a particular focus on Ethiopia ‘s efforts to expand digital technology, which can be achieved by infusing African economies with technology and by collaborating with Africa’s private sector. She said, “Transformation is a Pathway to Prosperity for all Africans.” President Sahle-Work stressed the need to provide a space for European and African leaders, together with CEOs of major global companies, innovation champions, and stakeholders, to reflect and act on what needs to be done to secure prosperity.
She said, “Competitiveness on both continents is a fertile ground to deepen the relationship in all its aspects with a specific focus on taking our cooperation to the digital age.” President Sahle-Work met with leaders of different countries and representatives of renowned global companies on the sidelines of the forum. The High-Level Forum anticipates promoting innovation and digitalisation as important enablers of our future development, so that everyone can benefit from the ongoing digital transformation.

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