Press Statement on Protection of Cultural Sites (August 6, 2021)

TPLF has continued launching attacks and creating havoc in the adjacent territories of the Tigray region. The TPLF forces also continue to impede humanitarian assistance, thereby putting the lives of many millions at risk.

Despite the unilateral ceasefire declared by the Government, the TPLF forces have turned a deaf ear to the call by the international community to cease all sorts of hostility and allow the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people in need and for farmers in the Region to make use of the rainy season.

Due to the recent attacks by the force in some areas in the Amhara Region, the people are concerned about the possible destruction of religious and other institutions by the TPLF which signify the centuries-old identity, religion, and culture of Ethiopian people. This concern stems from the fact that the TPLF has done a lot of pillaging, looting, and destruction over the past eight months.

The Government will take all the necessary measures to ensure that these sacred places and other institutions are well protected and call on the international community to condemn this heinous act of the TPLF.

Office of the Spokesperson

06 August 2021

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