State of Emergency Fact Check released today the common misrepresentations of Ethiopia’s law enforcement operation in Tigray Regional State. (November 28, 2020)

Misrepresentation#1Ethiopia is embroiled in brutal civil war. 

Ethiopia is not embroiled in a brutal civil war; it is undertaking a law enforcement operation that will salvage the nation from descending into a civil war. 

The law enforcement operation has limited, clear and achievable objectives. Its main objective is to bring TPLF criminal clique to justice. As these criminals are armed to the tooth, it was absolutely necessary to deploy the National Defense Force in this law enforcement operation. The operation will come to an end soon. 

Misrepresentation#2Ethiopian forces have indiscriminately bombed towns in the Tigray region.

The National Defense Force in their rule of engagement have avoided combat in cities and towns of the Tigray region. The forces have rather been cutting through rough terrain to ensure that no destruction and civilian causality ensue during confrontation with the TPLF militia. So far, our defense forces have been successful in providing the maximum protection to civilians. 

Misrepresentation#3Ethiopian forces are aerially bombarding Mekelle.

The TPLF clique has been continuously fabricating accusations that the Federal Government has carried out aerial attacks in cities and towns as well as civilian locations. The National Defense Force aerial engagement has been precise and targets only TPLF’s military depot, weaponry and arsenals. It has not targeted civilian facilities such as hospitals, schools and residential areas. The force has avoided explosives in populated areas.

Misrepresentation#4Ethiopia has vowed ‘no mercy’ in its operations in Mekelle city.

The out of context translation of a colonel’s interview has sparked international alarm with unsubstantiated accusations against the Ethiopian Government of ‘war crimes’.

The government has indicated on several occasions that there is no intention of targeting civilians. Following the 72-hour window given to the TPLF clique to surrender peacefully, the federal government indicated that it will proceed to the final phase of the rule of law operations in Mekelle in a strategic manner aimed at isolating and apprehending the clique. 

To the contrary, military intelligence indicates that the TPLF forces have been preparing to undertake severe crimes against humanity in Mekelle city, with the intention of falsely accusing the federal government in their last-ditch attempts for the international community’s undue interference in this law enforcement operation. 

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